All We Are

Sean Cheetham, "Ebony"



Honoring the selfless community service of the many individuals in our periphery, Ebony depicts daily Metro-rider Ebony Wilson, who is LAUSD’s hearing secretary and the admission director of a scholarship program for urban youth.

Sheila Karbassian, "Beautiful Santa Monica"

Beautiful Santa Monica

Beautiful Santa Monica portrays the artist’s children—who not only ride the Metro to school from Santa Monica but also to cultural events and museums in downtown Los Angeles—surrounded by the natural bounty that their beloved city has to offer.

Miles Lewis, "A Walk and Talk"

A Walk and Talk


A Walk and Talk celebrates Metro for providing access to LA’s vibrant creative community and increasing public mobility through bike integration.

Maria Piñeres. "Leo"



Leo focuses on the newfound independence of a local teenager who uses public transportation to connect with friends and explore skate parks along the Metro, from downtown LA to Santa Monica.

Aiseborn, "The Great R-38"

The Great R-38


The Great R-38 depicts Joshua, a rail-loving toddler, awaiting the train under the expert guidance of his grandfather Thurman, a 30-year Metro veteran who retired his employee number “R-38.”

Carlos Spivey, "Phajah"



Phajah expresses the hope and optimism of South Los Angeles through a radiant portrait of a proud Black Leimert Park resident before a palm-lined skyline.

Bryan Ida, "Devon"



Devon represents a Crenshaw District resident whose grandparents resettled in the area after their internment during WWII.