All Union Station Passageway Art Gallery

The Union Station Passageway Art Gallery, presented by Metro Art, features exhibitions of regional significance. It showcases portraiture, landscape, architecture, abstraction and beyond. The ever-changing exhibitions are designed to appeal to a wide variety of ages, backgrounds and tastes at the LA landmark.

Commuters passing colorful artwork in lightboxes in LA Union Station.

Journeys: LA Communities Through the Eyes of Artists

Featuring the original artworks by  twelve artists who created posters for the Through The Eyes of Artists series, Each artwork on display in this passageway focuses on a particular neighborhood or city in Los Angeles County to capture the look and feel of each place from a personal perspective.

Journeys Continued: LA Communities Through the Eyes of Artists

“Journeys Continued… LA Communities Through the Eyes of Artists” builds on an exhibition presented in 2017 and focuses on neighborhoods and cities within Los Angeles County “through the eyes of artists.” Now on view in the Union Station Passageway Art Gallery.