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Infinite Landscape: Los Ángeles Para Siempre


Inspired by the geometric details of the art deco architecture along the Wilshire corridor and in greater Los Angeles, Eamon Ore-Giron’s artwork concept for the glass entrance pavilion and escalator landing walls of this station references the past while looking toward the rapidly changing future of Los Angeles’s streetscape.

Inglewood CA Series: Metro collection 1–10


Kim Schoenstadt’s murals portray hybrid structures based on existing and historical buildings from the surrounding Inglewood neighborhood, including the Broadway Federal Bank, Centinela Adobe, Crozier Middle School, Jet Car Wash, Los Angeles International Airport Theme Building and Randy’s Donuts, to name a few.

Ken Karagozian, Deep Connections

Ken Karagozian: Deep Connections


Deep Connections features the otherworldly black and white images of artist Ken Karagozian. His work, shot in medium format, shares a unique view on Los Angeles few have seen through the documentation of Metro subway construction over the last three decades.

Charles Freeman, Know Thy Self

Know Thy Self


In order to beautify what is often a community eyesore for the duration of the construction phase, Metro Art commissioned veteran mural artist Charles Freeman to design and paint an original mural on the large scale construction fences at the corner of 1st and Lorena Streets.

Judithe Hernandez, L.A. Sonata

L.A. Sonata

By weaving cultural identifiers with elements that denote the passage of time, artworks create a sense of shared place and historical significance that honors the heritage of the local, the immigrant and the tourist alike.

Alfonso Aceves, La Esperanza

La Esperanza


Project Description – Artist Statement “The music plays. The helping hand reaches out. The birds fly by. The flowers grow. The work of sharing joy continues. The community draws together. Our hearts beat for one another.” About the Artist Alfonso Aceves is an accomplished self-taught printmaker born and raised in Boyle Heights who has shown work throughout California as well as in Washington State, New Mexico, and Arizona. Aceves found his passion and inspiration for life through his discovery of printmaking 10 years ago.  Along with artist Adriana Carranza and their four children, Aceves founded Kalli Arte, a family art collective dedicated to speaking directly to their community through printmaking, exhibitions, art installations, community workshops and marketplaces. On display May 2021 – July 2021  

Layered Histories


Jaime Scholnick’s frieze-like collages are based on hundreds of studies and more than 11,800 photographs of the surrounding neighborhood. Progressing from dawn to night, the artist spent many hours documenting the area around the station and talking to local residents about their visions for the artwork.

Local Color, Constance Mallison

Local Color

While these collected discards are often overlooked by passersby, the artist re-presents these materials as the central focus of the landscapes, suggesting that they reveal potential narratives about the people who frequent the area. 26th St/Bergamot Station is located in close proximity to Bergamot Station Arts Center, a major hub for artistic activity.

MacArthur Park site (1991-92)

This temporary construction fence, which consisted of 30 painted plywood panel murals, was erected around the drained lake in MacArthur Park in an effort to mitigate construction of the Metro Red (A) Line MacArthur Park Station.

Metro Art Bookmarks, 1996 & 1997

Project Description In 1996 and 1997, Metro Art initiated and developed bookmark projects in a creative effort to encourage transit customers to use the Metro system to travel to local libraries. Visual artists and poets were invited to form teams and submit collaborative designs of text and imagery for bookmarks to be distributed in “take one” holders on board 2,000 Metro buses, and at public libraries countywide. Coinciding with National Library Week in 1996 and National Poetry Month in 1997, 100,000 printed copies of each bookmark were made available to over one million daily bus riders as well as the public at large. Over the two-year project period, more than 150 artist/poet teams submitted proposed works. Panels comprised of professional artists, poets, and librarians were brought together to review all submissions, offer critical input, and select ten finalists. Metro’s Graphics Department translated the original works into images for printing. Distribution of the final products was handled by Bus/Rail Divisions and the County Department of Libraries. This project successfully demonstrated that creative contributions by artists—whether visual …

Metro Center Project

Metro Center Project


Metro is designing and building the new Metro Center Project, a facility on Metro-owned property close to the DTLA Arts District. Artist Jacob Hashimoto was selected to develop a site-specific, integrated artwork for the public-facing exterior of this facility.