Author: Maryam Hosseinzadeh

2022 Arts & Cultural Organization Pool

With the Arts & Cultural Organization Pool, Metro Art seeks to build on its long history of collaborating with community-based organizations in support of innovative, community-responsive arts and cultural programs in transit. 

2022 Arts & Cultural Organization Pool

With the Arts & Cultural Organization Pool, Metro Art seeks to build on its long history of collaborating with community-based organizations in support of innovative, community-responsive, arts and cultural programs in transit. Submit via SlideRoom by June 1 June 15 June 29, 2022 at 5:00 pm (PDT).

We Are Collage Image with Program Information and Work by Javier Carrillo and Simonette David Jackson

We Are… Portraits of Metro Riders by Local Artists

This new rider portrait exhibition on view in the Union Station Passageway Art Gallery and beyond celebrates diversity and the community of transit riders to launch upcoming programs across multiple formats and sites including buses, trains and stations in Los Angeles County and online. Tag your selfie #SomosWeAreLA to join in Metro’s portrait exhibition and share your journey, too!


Metro Art Presents Soundtrips is a collection of transit-inspired sounds and stories to amplify your ride. Created in 2020 and 2021, three program series are compiled in an easy to access playlist for Metro riders’ listening pleasure.

Commuters passing colorful artwork in lightboxes in LA Union Station.

Journeys: LA Communities Through the Eyes of Artists

Featuring the original artworks by  twelve artists who created posters for the Through The Eyes of Artists series, Each artwork on display in this passageway focuses on a particular neighborhood or city in Los Angeles County to capture the look and feel of each place from a personal perspective.

Artist Otiswoods uses fantasy and surrealism to share symbols and sculptures of the Westlake neighborhood in the latest poster for the Through the Eyes of Artists series.


Metro artist Alex Gonzalez “Otiswoods” depicts symbols of creativity and strength in Westlake in the latest Through the Eyes of Artists poster. The artist was moved by the will and industry of his neighbors in Westlake — where he was born, raised and still resides.

Cliff Garten, "Weaving a Transit Parkway: An Urban Allegory"

Weaving a Transit Parkway: An Urban Allegory


Cliff Garten worked directly with the Preliminary Engineering Design Team to research, analyze and creatively interpret environmental/ historical resources to create a conceptual approach to the overall design continuity of the alignment, opportunities for individual station artists, and a design project that references the historic physical context of the E Line (Expo) Right of Way.

Cheri Gaulke, "Water Street: River of Dreams"

Water Street: River of Dreams


Located near the confluence of the Arroyo Seco and the Los Angeles River, the Lincoln/Cypress station location for “Water Street: River of Dreams” provided artist Cheri Gaulke with an important reference for that she used to metaphorically connect the Gabrielino (Tongva) Indians who once inhabited the area with a contemporary flowing landscape.

John Roloff, "Valley Scan" (station view)

Valley Scan


John Roloff’s artwork at Woodley Station references the geological make up of the Van Nuys, Sepulveda and San Fernando Valley area as well as paying homage to the geologists who study the Valley.

Urban Dualities


At Jefferson/USC Station, Samuel Rodriguez weaves a visual narrative that includes fragments of building facades, vintage rail cars, human figures, and fictional characters. Each art panel is visually divided by the silhouette of bike frames, the layout of a comic book.

Tom LaDuke, "Unknowable Origins" (study for one of eight art panels)

Unknowable Origins


In “Unknowable Origins” by artist Tom LaDuke, softly rendered painterly views of Culver City as seen from surrounding hillside viewpoints frame the entry to the Culver City Station.

Stephen Johnson, Universal Delights

Universal Delights


Stephen Johnson’s Universal Delights commemorates the birthplace of ‘the industry’ noting the 1915 dedication of Carl Laemmle’s Universal Film Manufacturing Company in the area.

Thomas Eatherton, "Unity"



Thomas Eatherton’s “Unity” located on the A Line (Blue) tunnel walls between 7th Street/Metro Center Station and Pico Station was the first art work to be installed in the system.

The Wheels of Change


“Wheels of Change” by Chusien Chang at the Chinatown Station is based on the ancient Chinese book of I Ching (translated in English as the Book of Changes).