Author: Maryam Hosseinzadeh

Christine Ulke, "El Aliso de Los Angeles" (front elevation)

El Aliso de Los Angeles


At the corner of Cesar E. Chavez Avenue and Vignes Street, Christine Ulke’s artwork for the exterior of the Division 13 Bus Maintenance and Operations Facility in downtown Los Angeles commemorates an iconic sycamore tree that stood for approximately 400 years three blocks south of the building site.


Metro Art Presents Soundtrips is a collection of transit-inspired sounds and stories to amplify your ride. Created in 2020 and 2021, the program series is compiled in a playlist for Metro riders’ listening pleasure. From engaging first hand stories of music and place that take you on a journey from swinging Sunset Boulevard in the late 1960s into Downtown’s punk rock cafes of the early 1980s and over to multiple eras of Leimert Park across time…to environmental soundscapes centered on nature and neighborhoods that drive the heart and imagination…. and groundbreaking musicians in classical, jazz and beyond performing live on Union Station’s public piano to filter the sounds of our major transit hub out to the sidewalks and streets… Listen to Soundtrips at every turn while you traverse the wide ranging terrain that is Los Angeles County!  

We Are Collage Image with Program Information and Work by Javier Carrillo and Simonette David Jackson

We Are… Portraits of Metro Riders by Local Artists

This new rider portrait exhibition on view in the Union Station Passageway Art Gallery and beyond celebrates diversity and the community of transit riders to launch upcoming programs across multiple formats and sites including buses, trains and stations in Los Angeles County and online. Tag your selfie #SomosWeAre to join in Metro’s portrait exhibition and share your journey, too!

And Here I Will Stay

Project Description A series of art panels are united by a flowing sash, mean to convey the history and vitality of the local neighborhood. At locations facing the entrances to the platform, art panels depict the agricultural area that once existed as well as the present day urban city. A painted sash flows in front of the landscape. The front side depicts images of fabric patterns from a wide range of cultural traditions quilted together with a light blue yarn meant to signify the E Line (Expo). The back side of the sash contains a painted, abstracted map of the area with a blue line denoting the route of the E Line (Expo). At locations facing the interior of the platform, people, restaurants and theatres are the focus – drawing attention to the many different kinds of people and businesses that have contributed to the growth of the area. Artist Statement “By including images of the diverse existing community as well as a large veteran population, the pieces will offer a sense of warmth, youthfulness, …

Patrick Mohr, "Angel Train"

Angel Train


Patrick Mohr’s “Angel Train” is a metaphor for the spiritual journey we all take during the course of our lives, merging the architectural past of downtown Long Beach and the journey of the commuter with the invisible poetic world of fantasy.

Michael Stutz, "Astride-Aside"



Made of annealed bronze strips that have been welded over a supporting armature to create a woven latticed form, Astride-Aside by Michael Stutz represents a unique community that is determined to move forward in its own distinct way.

Adobe LA, "Blissful Interiors" (platform view)

Blissful Interiors


For Atlantic Station, Adobe LA created a series of benches with tile rugs at the platform and a large scale free standing sculpture inspired by the striking and colorful design culture of Eastside living rooms, shops, cars, and toys.

Roberto Salas, "Blue Line Totems in Red"

Blue Line Totems in Red


“Blue Line Totems in Red” is Roberto Salas’s tribute to the historic Red Cars of the Pacific Electric Railway. The key element of the project is a series of red “totems” mounted on the platform columns and perforated with designs taken from the 1,100 unique shapes used by conductors to punch tickets on the old Red Cars.

Diane Meyer, Born on a Train Lightbox

Born on a Train


During a train ride from Oakland to New York, the artist utilized the time to create artistic installations that reinterpreted the interior space of a sleeper car, as well as the relationship between the train and the passing landscape.

Hirokazu Kosaka, in collaboration with Ted Tokio Tanaka Architects, "Buffer Zone" (seating)

Buffer Zone


For Little Tokyo/Arts District Station, Hirokazu Kosaka created six smooth granite benches with concentric circles of black and white, simulating a Zen archery target with station canopies in the shape of Japanese archery bows. “Buffer Zone” was displayed at the station from 2009-2017 in coordination with the artist. 

Sally Weber, "Celestial Chance"

Celestial Chance


Artist Sally Weber designed “Celestial Chance” for Long Beach Blvd. Station to explore traditional and contemporary visions of the sky.

Charles Dickson, "Divine Order: the Manifestation of the Soaring Spirit"

Divine Order: the Manifestation of the Soaring Spirit


Artist Charles Dickson sought to reflect the community’s contribution to preserving the El Segundo Blue Butterfly, and to call attention to the parallels between nature and the development of aerospace technology that has played an important role in the area surrounding the Mariposa Station.

Divining Los Angeles Landscapes: Woodlands to Watersheds

Project Description Divining Los Angeles Landscapes: Woodlands to Watersheds On display in Union Station Passageway Art Gallery July 2015-July 2016 Photo based artworks by three artists invite visitors to Union Station to explore the histories, paradoxes, ironies and majesties of Los Angeles landscapes. The thirty-six illuminated color and black-and-white photographs on display in this passageway meander from ethereal botanical specimens at large scale to vistas of the wild urban edges, and the connective unnatural nature in between. Joyce Campbell – In the Ether Ken Gonzales-Day – Oak and Thistle: Views of the Santa Monica and San Gabriel Mountains John Humble – Natura Urbanus About the Artist JOYCE CAMPBELL (b. 1971, New Zealand) earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Canterbury University and Master of Fine Arts from the University of Auckland, where she is pursuing a doctoral degree in creative practice. She has lectured at a number of universities, including California State University, Northridge, Claremont Graduate University, Scripps College, the University of Auckland Elam School of the Arts and the University of California, Irvine. Her interdisciplinary work has been …

Caryl Davis, "Dramatic Locale" (station view)

Dramatic Locale


In “Dramatic Locale,” artist Caryl Davis designed a terrazzo paving area and a porcelain enamel steel panel for the North Hollywood station platform that incorporates the many placenames given to the regions landforms by its human inhabitants.

Michael Davis, "Ecliptic/ Illume" (station view)



Artist Michael Davis inlaid the Sunset/Vermont Station floor and walls with granite patterns of celestial orbits and metal etched with spheres containing medical symbols and microscopic images of life forms, a reference to the iconography that is commonly shared by astronomy and medicine.

Alejandro de la Loza, "El Niño Perdido" (sculpture)

El Niño Perdido

Inspired by the famous Mexican song from yesteryear, “El Niño Perdido” (the Lost Child), Alejandro de la Loza sculpted a bronze statue of a mother and child which hangs over the entrance Mariachi Plaza Station.

Laura London, Former Location/Contemporary Portrait

Former Location/Contemporary Portrait


For “Former Location/Contemporary Portrait” at Valley College Station, photographer Laura London Recreated black and white contemporary portraits on porcelain enamel steel feature nearby historic locations of rock ‘n’ roll history and reference the styles and fashions of the times.