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Kyungmi Shin, Koreatown

Project Description

Koreatown is depicted as a photo collage of bustling commerce with storefronts, malls, street life and urban signage that collectively provide a one day snapshot of this distinct community.

Artist Statement

“I wanted to recreate the feeling of enchantment upon encountering the density of signage for the multitude of stores and restaurants as you experience the streets in Koreatown; like a mini Korea, a trip back to my native country. The image is read from right to left as one would read traditional Korean books and transforms from daytime to nighttime. This collage creates the sense of an intense, vibrant and complex neighborhood that dynamically changes, grows and is there to be explored.”

About the Artist

Portrait of Kyungmi Shin

Portrait of Kyungmi Shin

KYUNGMI SHIN has exhibited her artworks at venues that include the Santa Monica 18th Street Arts Complex; LAX Airport Terminal 3; Vox Populi in Philadelphia PA; Kausaustralis in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Seoul Arts Center, Korea. Shin received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of California, Berkeley.