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More People Than You Know

Bodeck Luna Hernandez (Bodeck Luna), "Legacy"

The simultaneously personal and universal stories expressed in More People Than You Know recognize that the visibility of an artist’s well-honed craft in the new digital landscape improves the customer experience through perceptive considerations of people and place.

The rotating exhibition features portraits of patrons created by artists connected to the neighborhoods served by the A Line (Blue). Artists were recommended by curatorial advisors with ties to local and cultural organizations.

This series is designed to feature and engage the different neighborhoods surrounding the stations of the Metro system.

Metro Art Portrait Series: More People Than You Know

Metro Art Portrait Series: More People Than You Know

On the occasion of the re-opening of the renovated A Line (Blue), the portraits were presented on newly installed digital screens in all stations along the corridor and featured on limited edition Art on TAP cards. The A Line (Blue) is the first transit corridor with this new cultural amenity. An accompanying booklet, in English and Spanish, also offers insights into each work.