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Merge Conceptual Design, "Out of Sight" (detail)

Out of Sight

“Out of Sight” by Merge Conceptual Design at Willow Street Station consists of a stunning glass canopy and concrete benches. The translucent glass panels are slanted to depict a photo image of a willow tree in the south direction, and a photo image of the web of catenary wires that power the rail system as seen from the north direction.

Paul Tzanetopoulos, Breezy and Delightful

Breezy and Delightful

Paul Tzanetopoulos has long been fascinated by the seemingly infinite variety of pattern in cultural artifacts, often evident in textile designs. In this project, Breezy and Delightful , the artist focuses on designs which reflect the unique cultural heritage of the many groups that live and work in Long Beach.

Walter Hood, The Crying Rock and Saint Monica's Tears

The Crying Rock and Saint Monica


The sculpture’s monumental sandstone and hand-formed glass recall Kuruvungna, Saint Monica, the Crying Rock and the Palisades at the center of Downtown Santa Monica. Gold paint and climbing white roses adorn the station wall, glowing in the afternoon light, inviting pedestrians to weave through the sculpture and feel the awe of nature and heft of memory.